LAHORE                   -              The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday sought record of total stocks of wheat and sugar in the province.

Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Mamoon Rashid Sheikh was hearing a petition over the matter.

According to petitioner wheat flour and sugar were available in quantity more than the requirement but the mafias have created an artificial crisis.

The feed mills had purchased wheat instead of the expensive corn. Around 2,50,000 tons of stocks had been purchased by the feed mills, while 4,00,000 tons of wheat had been exported, the petition said.

The petitioner pleaded to the court to impose a ban over export of the wheat and crackdown against hoarding of sugar.

The bench sought the record of overall wheat and sugar stocks in the province, their export and estimates about smuggled out stocks of these commodities. The court adjourned further hearing of the case till February 13. Earlier, a petition filed in the Lahore High Court sought forensic audit of sugar stocks in sugar mills.

“The sugar mills have failed to submit details of their stocks in court, despite the court order,” according to the petition.

The government of Punjab didn’t act so far against the sugar mafia, the plea said. The petitioner also pleaded with the court to issue an order to the government for action against the mills selling sugar on exorbitant rates.

LHC seeks record of overall wheat and sugar stocks

The Lahore High Court on Thursday summoned Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in child recovery case. The LHC conducted hearing of a petition filed by a mother of three-year-old missing child Abdul Rafay.

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Punjab Shohaib Dastagir appeared before the court on orders of LHC Judge. During the hearing, the LHC judge expressed displeasure over the response of IGP Punjab in child recovery case.

“If IGP Punjab attitude is like this then what we can expect from others,” remarked LHC judge, adding that if anything happens to child all concerned authorities will be responsible for the loss.


“How much time you need to recover the child?” asked court. At which the IGP Punjab requested the court to give him further two weeks for recovering child.