Trump’s recent tweet against his buddy Kim stated , “North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the ‘Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.’ Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

Earlier Trump greeted Pakistan with his first tweet of 2018 at 5 am, most probably from his early morning ritual in the wash room, castigating Pakistan in very rude and harsh words. Trump’s tweet is not only violation of diplomatic norms but also a one sided world view of a dying superpower. It is a biased and scathing attack on people of Pakistan and is rejected.

Trump’s style of governance remains an enigma; as stated by Kauravi in the Nation, he has already fired more than a dozen senior persons in White House starting from National Security Advisor Gen Flynn to White House Communication director, Anthony Scaramucci. The Russia-gate investigators from FBI are under pressure from both Democrats and Republicans, increasing the stress level in the White House and Trump presidency.

There is a need to highlight challenges faced by President Trump from Capitol Hill, CIA, US military establishment and the Media (which is called Fake Media by Trump)

Russia-gate is already affecting foreign policy and has left deep scars on the foundations of American democratic system. Can people running the White House and Capitol Hill sustain so much of pressure, especially when dealing with sensitive issues of North Korea, South China Sea, Gulf crisis and Afghanistan. Is US heading into a period of domestic instability and chaos?

Trump’s own mental and psychological condition, in the face of increasing pressure from within Washington, needs to be analyzed fully, especially his twitterati wars, initiated against perceived foes and threats. What forced Trump to tweet first tweet of 2018 at 5 am, most probably from his commode, needs an appraisal.

Pakistan needs to go in full gear to promulgate her case on Afghanistan. It is heartening to note that Foreign Office under Khwaja Asif has been able to sell Pakistan’s case to international community with confidence. The politico-military leadership should take a unified and dignified stance.

Pakistan needs to signal following to US, India, China and international community:

Pakistan has done its part and continues to support international community in war on terror; however she cannot be blamed for failure of US led coalition, who stands in square one after 16 years of war and spending more than one trillion dollars. The wars initiated in West Asia and MENA region have given nothing but destruction and chaos; if in doubt look at Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The NATO supply lines (air corridor and land corridor) passes through Pakistan and is a good will gesture on part of Pakistan and enforces our commitment for war on terror. US/NATO forces in Afghanistan are sustained by this Strategic Logistic line passing through Pakistan and would get suffocated if choked. No military can survive in war by attacking her own Line of Communication and Logistics.

Since CPEC is the flag ship of OBOR and a matter of prestige and strategic significance for China, it was high time for China to come out in the open and defend Pakistan against coercion and double threat emanating from US and Indian proxies in Afghanistan and India on our East. The failure and delays in CPEC would result into tremendous loss to China. The cost of alliance with China could be the very integrity of Pakistan, there is a need to erect strategic barriers against assault by hostile powers on CPEC and Pakistan, and Pakistan cannot bear the financial and security load of this alignment independently.

Strategic suffocation of Pakistan cannot be allowed to go unchecked; we would rather die once than being systematically killed every day through prolonged coercion. Pakistan will not go down without a fight. The Nth option of Nuclear Weapons for survival was very much there on cards and we would better use them against hostile forces (especially India), scheming for our gradual implosion. If Pakistan goes, entire region goes to hell; can the US let India evaporate into oblivion.

In the neighborhood, Islamic Republic of Iran is faced with protests, spreading to smaller towns as well. Netanyahu and Trump have openly supported the chaos generators and a sophisticated Social Media campaign has been launched to destabilize Iranian Regime, major strands of this social media campaign have their origin in the Western Capitals. Are we witnessing the beginning of a new war in the Persian Gulf and can a destabilized Iran help peace and security in West Asia and MENA region.

It may be interesting to look at alternative world of ideas as stated by the maverick Russian ideologue, Alexander Dugin. Dugin states that “the twenty-first century will be defined by the conflict between Eurasianists and Atlanticists. The Eurasianists defend the need for every people and culture on Earth to be allowed to develop in its own way, free of interference, and in accordance with their own particular values. Atlanticists stand for ultra-liberalism in both economics and values, stopping at nothing to expand their influence to every corner of the globe, unleashing war, terror, and injustice on all who oppose them, both at home and abroad. This camp is represented by the United States and its allies around the world, who seek to maintain America’s unipolar hegemony over the Earth.

The Eurasianists believe that only a strong Russia, working together with all those who oppose Atlanticism worldwide, can stop them and bring about the multipolar world they desire.

I will quote from a speech by Russian President, Vladimir Putin delivered in 2014 to Valdai Club, “Essentially, the unipolar world is simply a means of justifying dictatorship over people and countries. I think that we need a new version of interdependence. This is particularly relevant given the strengthening and growth of certain regions on the planet, which process objectively requires institutionalization of such new poles, creating powerful regional organizations and developing rules for their interaction. Cooperation between these centers would seriously add to the stability of global security, policy and economy”.

An humble advice for Trump; honorable POTUS, twitter is not meant for diplomacy, the amount of time you spend on social media can be cut to half, spare some time to read Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory, it will take out your anxiety and bring in more sanity to the White House.


n            The writer is a freelance journalist.