ISLAMABAD – Ambassador of Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria, Dr Ahmed Benflis, hosted a grand reception to mark the 50th anniversary (golden jubilee) of the independence day of his country here at a local hotel.

The reception was well attended despite the holidays and the hot weather in Islamabad. Representatives from all walks of life including diplomats, intellectuals, military officials and politicians turned up to show their solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Algerian people for their independence. Dr Ahmed Benflis is a proactive and dynamic diplomat who is always seen making strong efforts to promote the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Algeria in various fields including trade and commerce. Senior Vice president of Lahore chamber of commerce and industry Mr. Kashif Younas and Vice President Ms. Syeda Nazar especially came from Lahore to attend the celebration which reflected the good working relationship of Algerian Ambassador with prominent business leaders of Pakistan. Federal Minister Ghous Bux Maher was the chief guest of the ceremony.

Ambassador of Sultanate of Oman Muhammad Said Muhammad Al Lawati is leaving Pakistan next week after a long stay of seven years. He said that he has made many friends in Pakistan and he was highly impressed by the hospitality of Pakistani people and politicians. He particularly appreciated Ch Shujaat Hussain and expressed his wish that he would love to meet Ch Shujaat before leaving Pakistan.

Dr Ahmed Benflis said in his message that the people of Algeria have paid a very heavy price as almost one and a half million Algerians sacrificed their lives for obtaining independence from French colonialism after a long struggle spanning over 132 years. He further stated that on 5th of July 1962, the people of Algeria who struggled under the auspices of “Army and National Liberation Front “, got liberated their territory from the colonisers who wanted to usurp their rights. He said loving motherhood was a noble cause that can never be compromised no matter what the sacrifices might be. This also reminds us of the series of sufferings that our people faced under the French colonies, he observed.

He said that at the same time when our army fought to get the freedom, the Algerian diplomacy worked out simultaneously in the regional and international forums to inform the international community about the crimes committed by the French colonizers on Algerian people who were totally helpless except of their strong will, their believe in the Almighty God and their just cause.

The people of our country achieved victory by solid willpower, strong determination and following seven and half years of Army struggle to achieve the complete national sovereignty, he said. With this spirit, the name of Algeria is today synonymous with struggle, determination, persistence and sacrifice. 

Algeria and Pakistan have excellent cordial and brotherly relations. Pakistan was among the first countries to recognize the Provisional Government of Algerian Republic and its Mission was opened in Karachi, the then capital of Pakistan in 1958. Both sides have convergence of views on issues of international importance.

Both countries have also been supporting each other in various multilateral forums including UN, OIC and NAM.