ISLAMABAD           -        The Court of District and Session Judge on Monday admitted and accepted the evidence of Senator A. Rehman Malikand declared Cynthia Ritchie as accused person / Mulzima. Senator A. Rehman Malik had filed a complaint against Cynthia Dawn Ritchie under Qazb Ordinance which was admitted and was given the status of State Case.

He appeared in the court and recorded his statement by providing evidence in his defence and effectively countered the baseless allegation of rape levelled by Cynthia Ritchie. He had lodged this Istighasa in the court much before her application filed with police for registration of the FIR.The court after proper hearing accepted the evidence submitted by Senator A. Rehman Malik against the accused person Cynthia whereas she alongwith her handlers had submitted her application to the police on 17. 6. 2020.

The investigation took place for two days by senior team of police officers and they found the said application of Cynthia as bogus, baseless and with no truth in it.

The police vindicated Senator A. Rehman Malik from all bogus and ill-motivated allegations. The court had issued notice to the accused person Cynthia Dawn Ritchie to appear on July 6, 2020 through SHO, Police Thana Secretariat, Islamabad but she intentionally avoided the court orders and didn’t appear in the court. She opted to send her lawyer while her presence in the case was mandatory under Qazf Ordinance.

The court even kept the case in waiting for want of appearance of accused person Cynthia Dawn Ritchie but she didn’t appear till the court time. Her counsel ,however, appeared in the Court and tried to submit Wakalatname but court required the presence of accused person / Mulzima under Qazf Ordinance.

The case adjourned for next hearing on  July 21, 2020 with directions to ensure the appearance of accused person under Qazf Ordinance ,otherwise, law will take its course and she could be produced before the court through the police by enforcement of law. It may be recalled that Cynthia Dawn Ritchie had challenged Senator A. Rehman Malik to face her in the court. Senator A. Rehman Malik fearlessly opted to go before the court and admission and acceptance of his evidence by Court has vindicated Senator A. Rehman Malik  from all bogus and baseless allegations.

Now Senator A. Rehman Malik is a Mudaee as per the available evidence and the accused failed to give any evidence to the police or to the court and her motives are now very clear that she wanted to malign and defame Senator A. Rehman Malik on the basis of false allegations and it is well said that Man proposes and God disposes. The reporter tried to contact the spokesperson of Senator A. Rehman Malik but he was not available for the comments.