ISLAMABAD              -          Rihanna  shelved plans for her ninth studio album to concentrate on ‘becoming a beauty billionaire’. The singer, 32, who hasn’t released an album since 2016, has decided there’s more cash in fashion and cosmetics than in music - especially after COVID-19’s disruption in the arts world. Rihanna has trademarked a new line called Buff Ryder, with insiders saying: ‘Rihanna’s ninth album is on hold indefinitely. She wants to make her millions with beauty and is planning a new skincare line to go alongside her Fenty Cosmetics range. Her lingerie range has gone down so well too that she feels she needs to strike while the iron’s hot. Whenever she drops pics of her modelling the gear, sales go up.’ The Take Care singer has amassed a fortune of an estimated £480 million and, despite releasing a new album annually in her musical heyday, has cooled off on the singing front in recent years.