'Big Brother contestant Beinazir said her parents are trying to arrange a marriage for her. The Pakistan born 'Big Brother contestant revealed Friday night her parents wanted to find her a partner but are having trouble picking someone suitable. When asked why by Indian contestant Shree Dasari, Beinazir, 28, replied: Because Im crazy. Brazilian contestant - and early favourite to win the show - Rodrigo also revealed he has never been in a relationship before. When asked by Russian boxer Angel, 35, if he gets much attention from girls Rodrigo, 23, replied some, but admitted not a lot. Earlier, Rodrigo admitted he fancies more than one of the 16 present housemates, but wouldnt reveal who to Saffia, saying it might upset her. Meanwhile, Shree was seen in last nights show trying to be close to beauty consultant Saffia, by reading her palm. Although he drew little conclusion other than that she was beautiful, Saffia surprised Sree by telling him she is a mum of two, before rejecting his flirting. Only two of the housemates - Angel and model Karly Ashworth - are presently in a relationship. CM