ISLAMABAD Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA), an attached department of the Ministry of Environment has completed monitoring of smoke emitting brick kilns surrounding the Benazir Bhutto International Airport for making effective strategy that would help in minimising pollution level from the area. The smoke-emitting brick kilns near Benazir Bhutto International Airport, are causing air pollution depending on the wind direction and affecting visibility, besides placing negative effect on environment and general heath. Realising the fact PAK-EPA is considering alternative options and in process of adopting modern technology for minimising effect of the smoke caused by the brick kilns. The team of the Federal Environment Protection Agency that was in process of monitoring brick kilns falling in the area has completed monitoring process. An official within the concerned department told TheNation that the monitoring has been completed and now they are in process of making comprehensive strategy for averting pollution level caused by smoke emitting brick kilns. He also informed that so far they have decided to suggest measures to owners of the smoke emitting brick kilns. Another concerned official opined that complete closer of the smoke emitting brick kilns, or relocating them to some other place is not possible task, as the brick kilns owners are demanding compensation for relocating their business to some other place and it is not possible for the Government to pay them such heavy amount. Thats why, he continued that the owners of the brick kilns, which emit thick black smoke exceeding the permissible limits would be suggested measures for minimising pollution level. It is to be mentioned here that in past under section 16 of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997, officials of the Federal Environment Protection Agency (PAK-EPA) issued notice to close down the operation of brick kilns immediately, falling under the Red Zone (near to Benazir Bhutto International Airport). Besides other measures, it was also proposed to close down 12 brick kilns near to the Airport by year 2009, closure of 30 brick kilns lying in orange zone (within ICT) by year 2012 and closing of 50 brick kiln (outer periphery of ICT) by year 2015.