LAHORE-Well known for his excellent acting skills heartthrob Yasir Shah has a huge fan following. He is best known for the protagonist role of Azaan Khan in the serial ‘Khuwaish’ produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms, which was on aired on Sony TV. A drama based on an Indian Muslim family in Dubai. His other successful plays include ‘Dil nae manta’, ‘Tumse milke’ and ‘Rishto ki dour’. After his success on the mini screen Yasir is now going for the ultimate medium that is silver screen. In an exclusive interview with The Nation he talks about his career in entertainment industry and his expectations from his upcoming film Blind Love. Following are excerpts of the interview:

Tell us about your journey in entertainment

industry. Did you always wanted to be an actor or did you have some other ambitions as a child?

I never planned to be an actor. It was a coincidence. I was working in Pakistan as a model. I received a call from India to act in a play. I got chance to work with Balaji Telefilms in 2007. It was a play called Khuwaish.

You are an actor and a model. How has been the

experience of working in all these fields?

I had an excellent experience of working in these fields. I think I have modest looks and I have never considered myself a model. Now if I talk about acting, then it has always been my passion. Working in these fields has been a rewarding experience.

Now the film industry of Pakistan has picked up a

significant pace. Do you think that we are moving

towards a revival?

Yes of course we are moving towards the revival of cinema. We are working hard to make our film industry better. I will advise the audiences to not to purchase DVDs. Instead they must get a ticket of the show and watch the movie in cinema. Appreciate the team for their efforts. It will be a great support for the film makers if you give your feedback. Many filmmakers are already working hard and giving their best for the revival of Pakistani cinema.

What is the difference between acting in drama

and acting in film?

There is no difference in terms of acting. The difference comes in from the technical point of view as in the way it is shot etc.

Share some memorable moments from the film Blind Love and what are your expectation from the film?

Every moment of Blind love is memorable for me. Especially there is a song in the film named Jania which was shot near Naran. I never really thought about the film. I guess it is up to the audience now. But because so much effort, energy love and positivity were put into making of this film I have high expectations. For Pakistani cinema so far it truly is one of a kind and stands out because of how simple it is and yet very entertaining.

Where was this film being shot? 

How supporting were the cast and crew?  

This movie is shot in Pakistan mostly in Lahore and Naran. The cast and crew were really supportive. Faisal Bukhari was the director and working with him was a brilliant experience.

Tell us something about his film project…

It was a superb experience. The film revolves around a young man who falls in love with a visually-impaired girl. I have worked very hard on it. Audiences will not forget a single sequence from the film.

How passionate are you about acting career? Are you letting yourself evolve naturally or making certain efforts to learn new methods and techniques

of acting?

I am so much passionate about acting. I work so hard in term of my body, acting, personality etc.

While taking up a project what things do

you consider the most?

I consider a lot of things actually. Besides my role, it is very important who the director is, the quality of script, production house etc. It is never one aspect that makes a project successful, it is the overall package.

You have worked in many plays.

Which play is closest to your heart?

Every drama serial is close to my heart but yes Khuwahish was the play which was really close to my heart.

You have worked in both Pakistan and India

plays. What is the difference of working?

There is a lot of variation. In India 75 people work in one unit to produce a serial whereas in Pakistan 10 people team make a serial. In term quality of content I love Pakistani serials.

How would you advise aspiring actors

venturing into Pakistani industry?

First of all you need to understand that if you haven’t got charming looks, style or acting skill’s you won’t gonna make it! Because nowadays television audience and casting directors look for beautiful cast and good acting skills. I think passion, dedication; training is necessary to become a good actor.

Any dream role you want to play that you haven’t yet?

As I have explained before I got a chance of acting from TV into films but yes my dream role is to act as a superhero in top leading films.

While working on a set with which co-star

you were most comfortable with?

I have worked with so many actresses. Nimra Khan is very energetic. Yes I was most comfortable with Sara Khan from India.

What’s your favourite spot for vacationing?

Dubai is my favourite spot for vacation.