There is a bomb blast every day in the KPK province. The IG police, a notoriously corrupt man imported from Punjab Police is very fond of the camera and loves to be on television while he has no idea what KPK is all about, the traditions, the culture is of no importance to him. Then there are the provincial politicians who can be termed as more pro-terrorists rather than pro-people. There mal-administration can be observed everywhere.

About 150 Platoon of FC constabulary, who are paid from Pakhtunkhwa Government but are serving in the Federal territory Islamabad are assigned to useless VIP duties to protect the Embassies in the diplomatic enclave for which they are not trained or equipped. 95% of terrorism occurs in Pakhtunkhwa, there is deliberate shortage of police and FC manpower. The check posts inside the cities are limited to cantonments and most are just for decoration as the police and army standing there have no training in finding any criminals.

The other FC or Frontier Corps under Army who are only working inside FATA but not in 6 FR Areas or Pakhtunkhwa as they are controlled by Interior Ministry and FATA secretariat Islamabad.

There are no scanners, no bomb disposal equipment or training for the Police. It seems now as if the people of KPK have been deliberately left unprotected! Why this discrimination with a province that is on the boarder of FATA and if properly administrated can stop the militants movement inside the country?


Peshawar, March 3.