Cement domestic consumption up 9.12 per cent

Lahore (Staff Reporter): During the first eight months of current fiscal year, cement industry has posted a growth of 5.52 percent compared with same period during last fiscal year. Total despatches during this period were 22.78 million tons against 21.59 million tons during corresponding period of last fiscal year.  According to the statistics of APCMA released on Friday, overall domestic consumption increased by 9.12 percent to 17.78 million tons from 16.29 million tons last year. Statistics reveal that during the month of February 2015, local sales of cement posted healthy growth of 6.96% percent while exports showed substantial decline by 21.08 percent.

The overall domestic and exports volumes were 2,297,568 tons and 460,510 Tons respectively during February 2015 compared to 2,148,083 tons and 583,480 tons during February 2014. The domestic sales in north during February 15 were 1,885,982 Tons compared to the domestic sales of 1,778,418 Tons during same month last year showing growth of 6.05 percent. The local sales in South during February 15 were 411,586 Tons compared to the local sales of 369,665 Tons during same month last year showing growth of 11.3 percent.

IRSA releases 139,312 cusecs water from various rim stations

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Indus River System Authority (IRSA) Friday released 139,312 cusecs water for various rim stations with inflow of 110,734 cusecs. According to the data released by IRSA, water level in the Indus River at Tarbela Dam was 1438.93 feet, which was 58.93 feet higher than its dead level 1380 feet. Water inflow in the dam was recorded as 21,100 cusecs while outflow was recorded as 25,000 cusecs. The water level in the Jhelum River at Mangla Dam was 1095.40 feet, which was 55.40 feet higher than its dead level of 1040 feet whereas the inflow and outflow of water was recorded as 34,559 cusecs and 59,237 cusecs respectively.

 The release of water at Kalabagh, Taunsa and Sukkur was recorded as 59,155, 55,162 and 74,025 cusecs respectively.

Similarly, from the Kabul River a total of 22,000 cusecs of water was released at Nowshera and 33,075 cusecs released from the Chenab River at Marala.

Businessmen ready for role to conducive economic activities

LAHORE (APP): Central leader of All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association (APPMA) Khawaja Nadeem Saeed Wain has said that the business community was ready to work hand in hand with the police department to make law and order situation conducive for economic activities. He was addressing a joint meeting of businessmen and representatives of police department here Friday. APPMA leaders Khamis Saeed Butt, Zahid Maqsood Butt police officials and a large number of traders were also present. Khamis also urged the Punjab government to enhance resources of the Police department and make it political influential free.

“The business community is a backbone of economy and its role is crucial in economic development of the country ,therefore, the government should take measures to further improve law and order situation and crimes against businessmen”, he said.

FBR extends suspension period

of officers

islamabad (Staff Reporter): The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Friday extended suspension period of following BS-16 officers of Model Customs Collectorate of Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi for further period of three months w.e.f 01.03.2015. The FBR has issued a notification in this regard on Friday. The six officers included Asad Aleem, Principal Appraiser, Ghulam Yasin, Appraiser, Noor Muhammad Kalwar, Appraiser, Sarreruddin Ahmed, Appraiser, Anees-ur-Rehman Khoso, Appraiser and Qamar Mobeen, Appraiser.  The notification did not state any reason behind the suspension of the FBR officers.

Cothm holds workshop to

recognise student ability

Karachi(Staff Reporter): College of Tourism and Hotel Management with aim to provide valuable insight and knowledge into hospitality and tourism trends held a workshop session in collaboration with INJAZ Pakistan. The four hours long workshop conducted at Karachi Campus was focus to recognise the student ability of Entrepreneurial skills and making innovative business plan to aid markets requirement. The students were also assessing for being ideal entrepreneurs to start their own business and develop superior attitude allowing them to apprehend it in their lives. Additionally build an idea for generating opportunities in weakness of our society.

Cothm received such delight to launch such groundwork to start a succession of newly qualified and well-groomed generation in hospitality industry.