TV dramas have been a quite successful industry in Pakistan. However, I have observed that they produce only one genre drama, highlighting romance and violence. Most of the times, they are the Pakistani version of neighboring countries TV seasons. There are few channels which are dominating the trend of drama on television like Ary Digital, Hum TV, and PTV etc. Most of the women in Pakistan adore seeing dramas as they get involved in the story as it goes along. It has become almost 80% of the entertainment for Pakistani female citizen. 

But, these dramas are not only seen by females. As they are played on prime time which is 7:00 to 9:00 pm. when everyone is gathered and enjoying their family time including children. I think these drama publishers should keep a priority of not to play dramas which contain excessive romance, violence or horror scenes. The reason being, most of the people don’t like their children to watch this content. During past few months, horror dramas are also being played at this particular family prime time. It might have a negative effect on children as they can get scared. Excessive violence and over-romantic dramas also bring unsafe influence on children as they should not be allowed to watch such content before certain age limit. Families can’t see dramas together due to this adult rated content at this prime time. I suggest that the concerned authorities should avoid airing dramas with such content and show some content which is appropriate for the whole family. 


Lahore, March 1.