We, the students of grade 5-A are writing this letter to inform the Chief Minister that water scarcity has impacted daily lives and routine of Karachi’s people because it’s the matter of fact that water scarcity is drastically increasing in our city day by day. Here we may point out that we are studying under the IB system of education which encourages inquiry towards pressing issues like water. Our deliberations are squarely based on the same. 

Karachi has been experiencing water scarcity for a long time. The rising number of diseases is mainly caused due to the contaminated water people have. Children are not able to maintain a regular attendance in schools because of the sickness caused by the unclean and unhygienic water. Your government should also review the current system of dependence on purchased water and instead invest time and money to solve the problem. 

Ironically, Karachi is facing water shortage despite it having a coastline. It’s a humble request to you to take certain actions like building dams to improve the city’s water storage capacity. Good water management starts from a good sewerage system. Moreover, you should replace the old pipes because of the leakage as they also waste water. Also, you can retain or store rain water and make arrangements for them. Additionally, arrangement of water coolers at public places can be a great initiative to satisfy the thirst of all citizens. Furthermore, you should distribute identical amount of water to every area of Karachi. 



Karachi, May 5.