KARACHI - Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi Chairman Afaq Ahmed has said that leadership of PPP spread hatred through the Liaquatabad gathering and it could never become the party of Mohajirs.

Narrating the past story of injustice with Mohajir Community, Afaq also announced to initiate movement for the establishment of South Sindh province comprising urban region of Sindh.

The MQM-Haqqiqi which was a major rival and a splinter group of MQM-Pakistan from 1992, held a public gathering in Liaquatabad, a stronghold of MQM-P, after over almost two decades due to improved law and order situation in the City after law-enforcing authorities led successful Karachi operation.

The party, which is led by its Chairman Afaq Ahmed, witnessed killings of several of their activists during the last over 15 years and Afaq’s movement was also restricted to some areas due to the then no-go areas in the City from the rival party.

“PPP is the party of feudal lords,” he said while addressing the party gathering at Liaquatabad flyover here on Sunday night - which was witnessed by a large number of people - and added that with election nearing every party is trying to make the people of City fool through their fake slogans.

He said that some people had also started raising the slogans in favour of Mohajir community. “The MQM-Pakistan is now raising the slogans of Jaag Mohajir Jaag,” he said.

He said that hundreds of people were killed in the City but no All Parties Conference was called on to dispense justice for those innocent people in contrast to what happened on the killing of innocent people in Model Town tragedy.

“It was the MQM-H whose activists and party leaders in the City were killed but they showed restraint to bring back the peace of the City,” he said, adding now everyone is coming in the City takes credit of the peace and ignoring the sacrifices given by them for this peace.

The leadership of the parties visiting Karachi nowadays seeking votes, never paid visit to metropolis when it was witnessing massive killing, he said. Those who are now raising slogans for the betterment of the City are not sincere with it and even the PTI chief Imran Khan refrained from visiting the City, he said.

During last 35 years, Afaq has not remained in the governance, those tasted the governance throughout this period should be asked that what they have done for the eradication of quota system while it’s too late now as even if quota system is abolished it would not going to benefit Mohajirs, said Afaq.

He further said that Mohajirs at every instant gave sacrificed for country even at the time of Dhaka fall, Mohajir stood shoulder to shoulder with Armed Forces but since the establishment of country community was ignored.

Further criticizing PPP, he said that it seems like spreading ethnic hate is ideology of provincial ruling party and it changed the name of Karachi Building Control Authority (KBCA) to Sindh Buliding Control Authority (SBCA) due to their bias.

Announcing to initiate a movement for establishment South Sindh province, Aafaq went on to say that country needs revolutionary change, that also include the Kalabagh Dam project which is necessary for the people of country.

If there are reservations the referendum should be held over establishment of Kalabagh Dam, he said.

Aafaq also demanded the provincial authorities to change the name of District Central to Liaquatabad.

He thanked people of Liaqutabad over their participation in MQM-Haqqiqi public gathering and also paid tribute to the martyrs of port City those laid their lives and protected “Urdu” in the country.