ISLAMABAD - Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik has urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to call All Parties Conference (APC) to formulate a consensual Coronavirus National Action Plan to counter the pandemic effectively. In a series of tweets, he said “It looks as if political elite in our country is getting confused by every passing day. We all know that once Cabinet as superior body decides something then it becomes mandatory to be implemented. How can option be given to National Command and Operation Center to implement the lockdown or not?” He added that the cabinet must take the full ownership for its decision on whether or not to continue lockdown, rather than issuing vague directions and approvals. He said that the coronavirus seemed not only to have paralyzed our healthcare system but it had also made democratic decision-makers nervous and decisions taken by them were not being implemented. He added that it appeared that the decision-making was more for the media than for the victims of coronavirus. Expressing great concern over the recently reported cases, he tweeted “Ten doctors reported positive for COVID-19 that pose a big question on the health system.” Malik advised that the Government should take the observations of the Supreme Court and the negative remarks must be attended”. He urged that there should be an All Parties Conference (APC) to come up with a collective approach and collective responsibility of actions against Coronavirus. He said that he hoped  that a counter strategy could be reached at by collective deliberations.  He advised the government to keep the agenda for upcoming National Assembly session meaningful as mere simple discussion on coronavirus was not the need of the time but legislation was required to control and combat this deadly virus. He said that public wanted to see the Parliament performing more effective role by ensuring effective measures against Corona through legislation. Senator Malik also proposed two resolutions to be adopted by National Assembly in its session; one that the government should not take any new foreign loan on coronavirus and second that the Government should invoke Force Majeure Law to write-off foreign loans as the law empowers us not to pay back in the situation of pandemic. He tweeted “Trust me, people do not want to see and listen to the political noise which is created by drum beating in the media as coronavirus will not go away by drum beats but will have to be fought by taking practical measures like social distancing and by equipping doctors and paramedics with protective gears.”