KARACHI - Literary and research work on 'Josh Malihabadi, one of the most prominent poet of the Urdu history, has been accelerated in the country, which is being considered an affirmative action among enthusiasts of Urdu Literature. The efforts from some experts have become a movement of 'Josh Shanasi not only in Pakistan but also in India. The prime objective of the literary movement is to authentically discover the hidden but luminous features of the great poet especially among the admirers of Urdu literature. In this regard, so many experts and literary groups are playing their pivotal role, but exclusively credit goes to renowned exponent of Marsia and researcher Prof Dr Hilal Naqvi, a visiting faculty member at Pakistan Study Centre, Karachi University (KU). Under the supervision of Dr Naqvi, Alfaz Foundation Karachi is regularly publishing 'Josh Shanasi, a literary and research based quarterly book series. The book series contain writings and research articles of prominent literary experts of the Indo-Pak. On other hand, such kinds of books and magazines specifically related to Josh are being published in India also. Conversely, Akadimi Adabiyat-I-Pakistan, under the patronage of Iftikhar Arif, has already published a very constructive and useful Urdu book entitled Josh Malihabadi: Personality and Art. However, Dr Naqvi has provided his services to the Akadimi Adabiyat-I-Pakistan as an author of the said book. The untiring efforts by Dr Naqvi could be gauged from the fact that an index has also been prepared and published in the book, which shows the height of the authors sincerity for the poet. Prof Dr Hilal Naqvi told TheNation that Joshs revolutionary thoughts were remained a hurdle in term of giving promotion to the thoughts and literary efforts of the poet in the country, while some ignorant elements do not want scholars to endorse the movement of Josh Shanasi. He said that the collection of Josh poetry was disappeared, hence we felt there was a dire need to start promotional work on Josh. He said, In term of creative potential and poetic trends, Josh is considered as one of most starling poets in the Urdu history. Urdu literature was a way of life for Josh, he did not consider the literature as a leisure activity. Josh was a specialist of the Urdu Rubi, while he has crafted Ghazals and Nazms in abundance. Josh was basically a versifier of Nazms. Some of his well-known poems are 'Kissan, 'Baghawat, 'Bhooka Hindustan, 'Husn aur Mazdoori, 'Zawaal-o-oJahanbani, 'Zaeefa, etc. He was essentially a firebrand poet; his poetic eloquence and command on a way of expression were the distinguished features of his poetry. Josh was gifted with amazing describing power that he used to portray natural scenes.' As per Wikipedia, 'Josh is reputed to have had a masterful command over Urdu and was quite strict about respecting the grammar and rules of the language. The first collection of his poetry was published in 1921. The collection of his poetry include Shola-o-Shabnam, Junoon-o-Hikmat, Fikr-o-Nishaat, Sunbal-o-Salaasal, Harf-o-Hikaayat, Sarod-o-Kharosh & Irfaniyat E Josh (all Urdu titles). On the advice of film director W.Z.Ahmed, he also wrote songs for Shalimar Pictures. During this time, he was staying in Pune. His autobiography is titled Yaadon ki Baarat. Josh migrated to Pakistan in 1958 - despite Jawaharlal Nehrus insistence against it - over what is generally believed to be his concern regarding the future of the Urdu language in India. , where he thought the Hindu majority would encourage the use of Hindi rather than Urdu. After migration, Josh settled in Karachi and rigorously worked for Anjuman-i-Tarraqi-i-Urdu with Maulvi Abdul Haq.'