LAHORE - In an important development regarding the strength of judges at the Lahore High Court, a judicial commission gave approval of 14 names for their appointment as LHC judges during the last week.

Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah presented the names in a meeting of the commission headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali at SC in Islamabad.

The chief positive aspect of this development is that four senior sessions judges were chosen from the lower judiciary for their appointment as judges of the Lahore High Court. It has happened after a long time since the judges of the lower judiciary are often neglected for their elevation as judges of the higher judiciary.

No doubt, this judgment will have positive impact over the performance of the higher and lower courts. The judges who are working with the lower judiciary will work hard, keeping in mind their possible elevation as judges to the higher judiciary. The sessions judges who were approved by the judicial commission include Mujahid Mustaqeem, Tariq Iftikhar Ahmad, Abdul Sattar and Habibullah Amir.

Besides them, ten nominees from the bar were approved by the JC for their appointment as the judges of the Lahore High Court. After the commission’s decision, the sanctioned strength of the LHC judges which is 60 is now complete. The disposal, hopefully, will increase.

During the week, the Punjab judiciary celebrated LHC’s sesquicentennial celebrations which, according to CJ Shah, were aimed to synchronise the 150 years long splendid and glorious judicial traditions of the Lahore High Court to the future requirements of fair and speedy justice.

The CJ maintained that LHC is the custodian of great and glorious judicial values and traditions to ensure the supremacy of law to administer fair and speedy justice and to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens. He emphasised the need to adhere to the highest standard of professionalism to ensure the disposal of cases within stipulated period of six months. This would bring solace to the common citizens, who would get justice in a short span of time instead of waiting for generations to get justice, he added.

“Right from 1866 starting as a Chief Court, LHC has gone through a long journey and has completed 150 years glorious march towards the supremacy of law which is vital to establish a stable, prosperous and just polity,” CJ Shah said. He added the LHC administered justice with great legal acumen high professional competence wisdom, courage and bravery which is their cherished collective national asset.

Syed Mansoor Ali Shah was of the view that the prime function of the courts is to mobilise all available resources with dedication and commitment to sharpen the pace of administering justice to the people which would end their miseries. “This will further enhance the grace and glory of the judicial organ of the state.”

The chief justice highlighted the effective, constructive and dedicated role of all stakeholders - Judiciary, Bar and bench, court establishment and civil administration. Therefore, close and effective coordination in this regard is of paramount importance, he stressed.

Shah urged interaction between all institutions should be promoted and this close and sustained interaction between all institutions may establish an effective mechanism to resolve all problems faced by our motherland. He highly appreciated the role of Lahore High Court Bar for their constructive role in administering justice to the people.

Referring to the main purpose for devising an elaborate program regarding celebrating 150th celebrations, the CJ maintained that 150 years long historic march for the supremacy of law is the collective heritage of Lahore High Court all the organs; therefore, these celebrations are reflections of celebrating the collective and glorious heritage of the court which is to pay tribute to the towering personalities hailing from bar and bench.

During the week, the petitions against PTI rally towards Islamabad remained prominent. However, the LHC disposed of all the pleas after PTI withdrew its call for shutting down the federal capital.

Another important petition regarding new challenge of smog was filed in the Lahore High Court. Walid Iqbal, the grandson of national poet Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal, filed the petition. Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah will hear this petition today (Monday).