ISLAMABAD - Former President Asif Ali Zardari’s lawyer Sardar Latif Khan Khosa yesterday urged the prison authorities to allow the private doctors to examine him and perform required test to safeguard the life enshrined as a fundamental right of a citizen. Khosa wrote a letter in this regard addressed to the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent Adyala Jail.  He said that the applicant is about 65 years old and suffering from multiple medical issues since long as has also been observed by the Board of Doctors constituted while in custody by the government under orders of the Court and which stand recapitulated in order dated 20.08.2019 passed by this court.

He added that (Zardari) is suffering from various ailments and was allowed two attendants to monitor his sugar and blood pressure round the clock. Due to multiple morbidities, even a board of doctors has been checking him every week. The cardio vascular disease and fluctuating sugar and blood pressure exposes such patients to greater risk contracting life threatening conditions in a stream hot and humid weather. “The Doctors comprising of Medical Board obviously cannot be compared to private experts of various disciplines whose specialties and expertise outshines and is acknowledged within and outside Pakistan,” he said.

Khosa said if the applicant was not given access to the doctors of his choice the same way lead to serious risk to his life which can lead to irreparable damage to his health and may even imperil his life.