LAHORE - Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi Friday called on Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar at his office as both discussed the current political situation and the issues relating to the newly established South Punjab Secretariat. His son, Zain Qureshi, an MNA from Multan, also joined the discussion which also focused on PDM parties’ critical stance on the state institutions. 

They termed it a nefarious campaign of defaming the institutions and expressed the commitment that no compromise will be made on the respect of state institutions. “Every conspiracy against state institutions will be countered and foiled”, they pledged.

The Chief Minister emphasized that the institutions were respectable for all but some political forces were bent upon tarnishing their image under a specific agenda. “Those trying to create chaos in the country are, in fact, following the enemy’s agenda and the opposition cannot befool the people”, said Usman Buzdar.

Talking about the South Punjab Secretariat, the Chief Minister said that the secretaries of different departments were providing services to the people through the platform of South Punjab Secretariat. “This Secretariat has been empowered both financially and administratively “, he said.  Shah Mehmood Qureshi asserted that the government will continue to stand with the institutions and those engaged in a tirade against the institutions were not loyal to the nation.  The Opposition, he said, was trying to achieve its negative objectives by making the institutions controversial. He said the establishment of South Punjab Secretariat was an important step of the PTI government as the people of South Punjab were befooled in the past through hollow slogans. “The past rulers used the funds meant for South Punjab’s development in their constituencies. The people of South Punjab have badly rejected those who deceived them in the name of development”, he remarked, adding that the PTI had been given a clean mandate in South Punjab and it will come up to the expectations of the people. 

He affirmed that the PTI government was fulfilling the promises made with the people of South Punjab and the South Punjab Secretariat was providing prompt relief to the locals.        

Separately, Special Assistant to PM on Youth Affairs Usman Dar called on the Chief Minister and discussed matters relating to Kamyab Jawan Programme and Tigers Force.

The Chief Minister said the youth had been empowered by the PTI government to brighten the future of the country. He said the past rulers ignored the youth and no large investment was made for their empowerment as done in the tenure of incumbent government.  The CM said the Kamyab Jawan Programme will alleviate poverty and more job opportunities will be created as well. Similarly, the Tigers Force is earnestly engaged in public service. He declared that the opposition’s treacherous narrative had been badly failed. Usman Buzdar believed that the opposition alliance was withering away due to its unbecoming approach of reviling national integrity. Usman Buzdar made it clear that those speaking against the institutions had faced defeat in the past and would meet the same fate in future. “The opposition is engaged in a preposterous agenda of weakening the country as it has no other program for the masses”, he slammed. He affirmed that nobody could look at Pakistan with a malicious eye. Buzdar said that PM Imran Khan was the strong voice of 220 million proud people of Pakistan and the opposition will have to be answerable for every loot and plunder. He asserted that accountability of the thieves and looters was imperative for developing the country. Usman Dar said the Kamyab Jawan Programme was going on well while the Tigers Force was leading the mission of public service.