ISLAMABAD The US government and the NATO-led ISAF have respectively extended an apology to Pakistan over the tragic Kurrum incident with categorical assurances of increased coordination to prevent such tragic accidents in future. Both the outgoing US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne W Patterson, as well as ISAF Commander, US General David H Petraeus, in separate statements issued by the US Embassy here on late Wednesday admitted that two US helicopters had mistakenly attacked the FC post. We extend our deepest apology to Pakistan and the families of the Frontier Scouts who were killed and injured, said the Ambassador and added, Pakistans brave security forces are our allies in a war that threatens both Pakistan and the US. The Ambassador noted that the US would coordinate with the Government of Pakistan to prevent such tragic accidents from taking place in future. ISAF offers its deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of those who were killed and wounded, to the Pakistan military and the people of Pakistan, said ISAF Commander General David H Petraeus. We deeply regret this tragic loss of life and will continue to work with the Pakistan military and Government to ensure this doesnt happen again, General Petraeus added. ISAF statement said that a joint Pakistan military-International Security Assistance Force team had completed its initial assessment into a border incident in which two Pakistan border forces were killed and four were wounded on Thursday. The team concluded that two coalition helicopters passed into Pakistan airspace several times. Subsequently, the helicopters fired at a building, later identified as a Pakistan border outpost, in response to shots fired from the post. The assessment team considered it most probable that they had fired in an attempt to warn the helicopters of their presence. Unfortunately, following the engagement, it was discovered that the dead and wounded were members of the Pakistan Frontier Scouts. We believe the Pakistani border guard was simply firing warning shots after hearing the nearby engagement and hearing the helicopters flying nearby, said US Air Force Brig Gen Tim Zadalis, ISAF IJC Director of Air Plans and assessment team leader. This tragic event could have been avoided with better coalition force coordination with the Pakistan military, he concluded.