ISLAMABAD - Pakistani leaders have appreciated ‘Iron Brother’ Chi­na for giving remarkable support to their country for fighting the locust amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Gwadar Pro quoting top Pakistani leaders stated that China had always helped Pakistan as a big broth­er at all times of need. “Even at times when we are re­laxed and not facing crisis, China remains just a call away. We are like brothers who can never be sepa­rated. Especially at the time when they were fighting Covid-19, their support was even more significant,” said Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

He maintained that his recent meeting with his Chi­nese counterpart Wang Yi was a regular interaction between the two trusted friends.

“I thanked him for everything China is doing for us. Both the countries will go on forever as partners and brothers. As the locust is coming under control, Chi­na’s help stands tall,” he acknowledged.

Recently, the China National Petroleum Corpora­tion (CNPC), a state-owned Chinese company, pro­vided $100,000 to Ministry of National Food Secu­rity and Research in order to strengthen its efforts against the desert locust.

Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam appreciated China for assisting Pakistan to control desert locust in the country as an emergency project. China has been assisting Pakistan to control the desert locust in Pakistan as an emer­gency project. It also provided 300,000 litres of pes­ticides and 50 sprayer equipments that had worth around $4.94 million. Ministry of Agriculture and Ru­ral Affairs of China also provided medical equipment to Pakistan to continue activities related to desert lo­cust under the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.