LAHORE - The All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran central general secretary Naeem Mir has written separate constitutional letters to State Bank of Pakistan and Federal Board of Revenue, asking them few questions under the article 19A for which both are bound to respond within seven days.

The letters demanded the exact data of total account holders, bank accounts of filers as well as non-filers and total revenue so far collected under WHT on banking transactions. The General Secretary also asked to release the figure to public regarding revenue collected through filers as well as non-filers on their cash withdrawal separately. He also asked as to what was the target of FBR in federal budget 2015-16 of WHT collection on banking transaction.

He asked the Central Bank Governor and FBR chairman that under the article 19A, every citizen has the right to get information regarding public interest and state institutions are bound to answer them positively.

After the release of this particular data it would be clear that government’s main objective is to just raise revenue through WHT because the government has no concerned with documentation of economy. Govt is just on looting spree and countrywide strikes and shutter down have not moved any official of elected government.

He said that on 10th August traders of the whole country will discuss various options including protest rallies, sits-in in front of FBR head office, the halt of VIP movement and aggressive movement against government.

The meeting will also decide next date of shutter down strike in the country. He made it clear that traders would never accept WHT in any case.