Kashmir could slip out of hands this easily, the very idea of this is mind baffling. Four generations of Pakistanis have consistently been hypnotized with sloganeering like 'Kashmir banay ga Pakistan', the celebrations like 'Kashmir Day', the persistent military build up, echoing of word ‘Kashmir issue’ on every regional and international forums, only to see this day? And India with impunity just amended their constitution and impressed us that they have annexed Kashmir, like it was no brainer. That's not how territorial disputes and their solutions get rationalized unilaterally at the whims of one religiously gunked political party.

Pakistan made clear that its entire reason of existence revolved around single point agenda and that was about getting this state of Jammu and Kashmir. And no doubt, Kashmir has always been more Pakistan than it could ever be India.

A development of this mammoth scale has taken place and no one even knows about it in the international media. It has hardly been mentioned. Not that international community would come running and huffily help Pakistan realize its claim over Kashmir but that's how the world works. Countries involved in an issue have to sort it out their-selves but still these are the ways of diplomacy.

Pakistan, in response, is conducting a joint session of parliament where parliamentarians seem more interested in settling their personal petty scores instead of focusing on a single point agenda. Time for discussion is over. Now it is time to settle this debt with the aggressor in its own currency. Approaching OIC, talking in UN, conducting meetings with friendly countries, these toothless exercises have been conducted since eternity. There could never be anything substantial coming out of this grand zero sum game. All that needs to be done, is going to be done by Pakistan alone. No foreign naval fleets or oil money or mercenaries going to fight this Indian aggression from our side.

Pakistan's foreign minister quoted India's ex-foreign minister who also waned India of going in that direction. Does it imply that its going to be any help to Pakistan. They have their own internal political scuffles or may be a note of catharsis or whatever that might mean. None is going to change what has already been transpired. Even they may be playing good-cop , bad cop, who knows. We cannot draw any silver line for us from it. Pakistan need to do and listen to itself, as what it should do in this situation.

Pious talk, peace overtures, diplomatic lingua - all of it is useless. Indian government knew what they were doing and they must have calculated the reaction precisely. When Pakistan kept on crying on every forum that it is broke. People listen, they make their move precisely, their timing could be empirical. But then there is a surprise factor which cannot be factored in. And Pakistan needs to play that surprise factor. It is not an act of bravado, but it is the matter of very existence of it.

The phrase 'Kashmir is nuclear flash point' has been played so many times by Pakistani diplomats around the world that chorus has simply been reduced to a self mockery. It seems we were trying to impress the world community of our nuclear prowess but no one got impressed. None! Not even the country that could have practically been annihilated in such 'flash-point' scenario. Rather, it chose to brazenly conduct a territorial robbery and that too on gun point.

Time is over for Pakistan to play like a 'good-boy' role. It's now or never. If this moment is not seized then these illegitimate and contrary to international norm moves from India would form a new level of status quo, just to be discussed in the future world forums without anything to get in return. It is time to show muscle. And it is not easy to come from someone who always advocated for dovish approach than being a hawk. But when things get tough, the tough gets going. No one is coming to aid Pakistan in its legitimate and principled claim. It has to come from within. Now is the time to bring those Ghauris and Ghazanvi missiles to see the day light beyond the 23rd March parade.

Wars even battles leave unflinching scars that takes generations to heal, but what are the other options. How could Kashmir be offered on a platter without even showing any form of resistance. Even if Pakistan doesn't plan for an active war on this issue, it still should deploy all of its military personnel around the Line of Control (LoC) in particular and across Indian border in general.

The message should be loud and clear that this development cannot go unchecked and there would be repercussions. Only then the rest of the world might take notice of this Indian aggression. Let India do their part, they would certainly reciprocate in the similar fashion, but let it be. India, filled with ocean of poverty, has a lot more to lose than Pakistan by any stretch of imagination. It would be naive of Pakistan to think that India would budge from its position by means of diplomacy or they going to retract this amendment under the pressure of some statement from any global power. Only when they will see a build up of a million soldiers backed by the nuclear missiles, then and only then, they might comprehend the severity and gravity of the situation. And then what seems impossible could also become possible. For their face saving, all it takes them is to make somebody to move to Indian Supreme Court and get that amendment declared null and void. This is the final solution and none other!