The recently published list of bank loans defaulters includes one name that would raise heckles all round; General (Rtd) Amjad, the first Chairman of NAB and the self-styled 'Great Crusader' against all corruption. NAB under his chairmanship resorted to some of the worst brutalities and human rights abuses. Detention of up to 90 days without charges and torture in the dungeons of the 16th century Attock Fort were a few of his fortes. Some of his detainees (victims?) were held up for misappropriating 'as much as' four hundred thousand rupees. That was then. Out comes now the list of money-grabbers and lo and behold, General Amjad's name stands out with 5.5 crore rupees outstanding from Askari Bank for the Fauji Foundation. The loan payment was deferred by a decade and later, 50% of interest was written off. Eventually, the entire amount was written off. That was in addition to a loan for personal use that was also obtained from Askari Bank and , can you believe it, also written off. -SYED. Y. SHAH, Canada, December 5.