Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed has said on Saturday that he was happy with the Railways Ministry and could not even think of taking over the information ministry as he thought Fawad Chaudhry was the best man for the job.

These comments came soon after the railway minister's earlier claims that he was offered the Information Ministry by the Prime Minister Imran Khan. "Fawad is the best information minister and I fully support and stand by him," he said, adding that he could not even think of becoming the information minister.

He also said that his comments regarding Fawad being on a picnic were said in jest. "I had a word with Fawad yesterday and I told him to return to the country in view of the circumstances. I told him that he is greatly needed back in the country," Sheikh Rasheed said.

He described the information minister as an "extremely hardworking person", saying that no one should consider that he was against Chaudhry. "Fawad is my brother and he will continue to be the information minister. I will never be a part of any conspiracy against him come what may."