KARACHI  -  Advocate Waha Baloch, who recently joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), on Friday moved to the Sindh High Court with new plea to withdraw his prior petition which he had filed for disqualification of his new party chief and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Former President Pakistan Justice and Democratic Party’s (PJDP), Sindh chapter, headed by former chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary, Advocate Abdul Wahab Baloch submitted another petition for the withdrawal from his prior petition which he had submitted against the PTI chief.

After examined his petition, the SHC has admitted his plea and fixed December 10 for hearing. 

In his prior petition, Advocate Wahab Baloch sought disqualification of Imran Khan as prime minister under Article 62 of the Constitution, as he had submitted that Imran Khan did not mention his daughter in the nomination papers which he had filed to the election commission of Pakistan for contesting election which meant that he was no longer Sadiq and Ameen and therefore should be disqualified.

He had stated that the PTI chief used wrong information in his documents and submitted false declaration and affidavit to the election commission for contesting election.

Baloch requested the court to call upon Imran to appear and state as to why in violation of Article 62 (1)(d)(e)(f) he submitted a false declaration and affidavit and why his election as a member parliament be not rejected.

It was also mentioned in the plea that ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was held disqualified as he failed to disclose his un-withdrawn receivables from Capital FZE in his nomination papers filed for general election held in 2013 in terms of section 12(2)(f) of the Representation of the People Act, 1976 (ROPA).

Also, he said, for furnishing a false declaration under solemn affirmation Sharif was declared not honest in terms of section 99 (f) of ROPA and Article 62(1) (f) of the Constitution, therefore, disqualified to be a member of Parliament.

Advocate Waha Baloch has recently joined PTI and decided to withdraw from his petition which had also filed in Islamabad and Lahore high courts with the same pleas. He had contested elected on a platform of PJDP from Karachi’s constituency. 

On June 12, Abdul Wahab Baloch had filed a petition against Mr Khan’s nomination papers, which he had submitted from the NA-243 (Karachi-East II) constituency, over the Sita White case.