KARACHI   -  Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer Senator Sirajul Huq said that Muslim Ummah would not tolerate even a minor blasphemy of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), urging the federal government to play its role for raising effective voice at international level on this issue.

Addressing a Jurist Conference organised by the Islamic Lawyers Movement here, Siraj said that the Muslims Ummah had expressed its sentiments on blasphemy issues but these would not be resolved until effective measures are taken at international level.

He demanded the federal government raise this issue at the United Nations for making the blasphemy a cognizable crime at international level as well. “We had held the Jurist Conference in Islamabad earlier and are going to hold another one at Geneva also, “he added.

The JI chief was of the view that his party would continue struggle for Namoos-e-Risalat till their last drop of blood. He said that section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code, pertaining to blasphemy, was not misused ever and demand to repeal this law is not acceptable by just citing the possibility of its misuse. The innocent people are being sentenced under section 302 but nobody had demanded to repeal the same,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, the JI leader Asadullah Bhutto said that Asia Bibi, a Chiristian woman who was acquitted in blasphemy case, had confessed her crime. He questioned that Why the Prime Minister Imran Khan had met the members of Christian community just before the pronouncement of the verdict. He added that this was the first verdict in which the government is deliberately delaying to file the review petition.

Justice (retd) Abdul Qadir Mengal said that he was proud for participating in the conference, adding that clerics belonging to all schools of thought consider 295-C a precise law. The foreign forces should not interfere in the internal affairs of Pakistan as we don’t interfere in someone else’s business.

Naeem Qureshi Advocate was of the view that there was no law in Holland and Denmark to refrain their people from blasphemous acts. He urged other Muslim countries and OIC to play their role in this regard. Other retired judges, lawyers including the women were also present on the occasion.