An official report has found DO (Elementary) Khalid Jameel and Deputy DO Abid Siyal involved in the sale of Rs4 million fake tickets of Red Cross, a non-profit organisation working for deserving poor, in Khanewal government schools.

Anti-Corruption Department in its inquiry against the officers found that they arranged fake tickets of Red Cross and distributed these tickets in 406 middle and primary schools of the district without informing any officer or without departmental approval. They forced each headmaster to sell tickets of worth Rs10,000.

Those refused to distribute or sell these tickets were threatened of dire consequences. They forced the heads of the schools to pay for these tickets and if children are not going to purchase these tickets, pay from the school funds meant for security arrangements. Some heads sold these tickets and some paid from the fund. Rs10 was printed on the ticket, while heads charged Rs20 for these tickets.

Both the officers collected Rs4 million and didn’t mention this amount in any departmental record. When parents of students asked from the Education Department about the sale, the department officials showed their ignorance. A local citizen submitted a complaint to the Anti-Corruption Department about the fraud, on which Assistant Director Anti-Corruption Sarfraz Hussain Gillani ordered a departmental inquiry.

EDO Education Aizaz Ahmed Joya had appointed Afzal Gul, headmaster of the Govt Model High School Khanewal, as an inquiry officer. The inquiry officer presented a report of 200 pages to EDO Education who forwarded the report to DCO Khanewal and secretary education.