The matter of extension of Rangers in Karachi has become a controversial issue of the day. Rangers Operation in Karachi was started with the consent of Sindh Government to de-root terrorism from the soil of Karachi. Within no time people of Karachi took a sigh of relief due to better security situation and they want to continue it until total elimination of terrorists, target killers and other miscreants. The economic activity has also been improved in Karachi due to this operation. In view of positive results of Rangers Operation, Federal government wants to continue it in better interest of country and people while Sindh government is apprehensive due to arrest of Dr. Asim Hussain that can lead to arrest of other PPP leaders. PPP is of the view that Rangers operation in Karachi was started against terrorists not against corruption. PPP should realize that corruption is one of the major issues of Pakistan and due to corruption; other ills of society cannot be controlled. Sindh government should let Rangers to complete the operation otherwise all efforts of Federal government, Army and Rangers will be a zero-sum game.


Lahore, December 16.