LAHORE                       -                  Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar Friday said that people had nothing to do with political matters as they wanted good governance and to get rid of price-hike and poverty.

“People are least bothered who is doing what and which ally is dissatisfied with the government. They are worried about price and other issues,” he said while taking to the media after addressing the Convocation-2020 of Rashid Latif Medical College here.

He said that PTI government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan was taking effective measures to ensure good governance. “The credit of all good initiatives not only goes to the PTI but also to its allies,” he said, adding that it was responsibility of both the government and allied parties to put in place joint efforts to ensure country’s development and prosperity by ridding it of prevailing challenges.To a question, Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that Q-League was still an ally of the government and there was nothing to be worried about. He said the government committee, after having consultations, had agreed to continue dialogues with the PML-Q and took it along at all levels besides fulfilling all commitments made to it.

Ch Sarwar said that Parvez Elahi had never expressed his desire to become the chief minister of Punjab. He also said that Jahangir Khan Tareen was very much part of the party and serving the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan along with other members of his team.

He said that present government was ensuring merit and transparency at all levels, while the National Accountability Bureau and all other institutions had been purged of political interference. The promise of ‘One Pakistan: Not the two’ would be accomplished, he added.

He affirmed that following hectic efforts of the government’s economic team, Pakistan was now attaining fiscal stability.

Addressing the convocation, the governor said, “I am glad to note that daughters of the nation are outshining than the male students in the medical field. Our daughters are excelling in the education and other fields as well. Since I assumed as Governor, I have been observing that 80 per cent medals go to female graduates in every convocation.”

The governor said that parents had vital role in success of every child. “All my successes till date are because of my parents’ prayers and hardships for which I always pay gratitude to Allah Almighty.” He observed.

He said medical field was of paramount importance and no doubt, the world always remembered those who served humanity. He said medical field provided a golden opportunity to serve the humanity. He asserted that in Pakistan a large number of people were suffering from various diseases and it was the responsibility of doctor to protect them from ailments.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Javed Akram, PPP central leader Chaudhry Aitezaz Ahsan and others were also present.