It would be naive to deny the importance of libraries in uplifting the state of knowledge and education in a society. Libraries play a pivotal role in enriching human capital and are said to be national assets. They enlighten the people about history and other domains of knowledge and facilitate them in their research work. So, the nations give prime importance to their libraries. But unfortunately they have been badly overlooked by Pakistani government. We have observed that the educational institutions have been battered by years of armed insurgency in Pakistan. On the contrary, the repulsive ignorance of the ruling elite towards educational institutes is exacerbating the situation. The small numbers of libraries existing in the country are also in the doldrums due to lax attitude of the ruling class. The Government Model Town library in Lahore is the only library in the vicinity. No doubt, it offers an excellent opportunity to the students and the reading people but the mismanagement in this library discourages the visitors. The flippant attitude of the staff has entirely shattered the environment of the library. While pin-drop silence is a far-cry, the library crew wholeheartedly discuss their day to day matters in the reading hall, much to the chagrin and inconvenience of the readers sitting there. To cap it all, they do not turn their mobile sets silent and their assertive tone suggests that they are above the rules and regulations of the library. In such dismal circumstances how can they ask others to maintain discipline in the library. There is not any check and balance on the staff members and they are running the library by their own rules. The library opens at 8 am but the sweeper daily interrupts by sweeping the floor and dragging the chairs at about 10o clock. It induces panic and disturbance amongst the readers. The lavatories are not useable. There is not any generator or alternative to provide light during the load-shedding hours. The heating system is also absent in this chilly season. In a nutshell, one cannot study at that place, which has been built to the benefit of the reading public. The environment in terms of cooling and heating arrangements, appropriate light, air and the more essentially silence plays an important part in facilitating the concentration of the reader. Unfortunately, all these essential ingredients are missing in this library. The society and the ruling class should encourage the students and facilitate them to develop reading habits. Our society is already in a state of flux and the youth is indulged in a number of social evils. It is a plaintive plea to the officials of Model Town society to curb this inconvenience and provide an education-friendly environment in the said library. ABDUR REHMAN FARRUKH, Lahore, January 7.