The nation across the country is paying tribute to world-renowned philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi on his third death anniversary.

Edhi was born on January 1, 1928 in Indian Gujarat and dedicated his life to philanthropy by establishing Pakistan’s biggest foundation by his name.

In 2013, Huffington Post reported in 2013 that he might be the world’s greatest humanitarian. His contributions earned him the recognition of ‘Angel of Mercy’.

Edhi Foundation has rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants, trained over 40,000 nurses and taken care of not less than 50,000 orphans until now.

The foundation has the largest chain of shelters working across the countries with 330 centres. Ambulance service offered by the foundation is world‘s largest according to an estimate with over 600 vehicles dedicated for the purpose.

The man lived in a room next to his office in one of the centres and owned two pairs of modest clothes. His place had a bed, a bathroom sink and a stove.

In 2013, doctors had told him that his kidneys had failed and he was out on dialysis.

The world-famous philanthropist breathed his last on July 8, 2016 after he was put on a ventilator.