ISLAMABAD - The father of Pakistan's nuclear programme Dr Adbul Qadeer Khan on Saturday lambasted the statement of President Pervez Musharraf declaring it a bunch of lies. President Pervez Musharraf on Saturday interacted with selected media persons after a long interval at the Presidency in which he once again accused Dr Qadeer for defaming the country by issuing false statements. Dr Qadeer while exclusively talking to Waqt TV on Saturday, shared that when the news conference of President Pervez Musharraf was being aired he could not see it since there was a power breakdown in his area. He said that he only saw some of the extracts of President's statement. However, he would issue a detailed reaction only after reading the statement thoroughly in the newspapers, he said. Answering a question he said that he stood by his statements issued to the media particularly about his confession under coercion. He said that Ch Shujaat Hussain was witness to that. He said only history would judge who served to the country and who ruined it. He said that nation was very well aware of the accusers and the patriots. He said "President's autobiography is full of contradictions and many statements or events attributed to some people in the book were contradicted". He said that the statement of Gen (Retd) Mirza Aslam Baig was enough for his defence.