Islamabad- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has termed PML-N’s one year performance as nil.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad today, Imran Khan said Sharif family is running the country and recently unveiled budget is the biggest scam in country’s history. PTI Chairman, a staunch critic of PML-N, has condemned power concentration into hands of Sharif family only. Khan said Shahbaz Sharif, the Punjab CM, is working as De-Facto prime minister of Pakistan. PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif has been appointed to head a Rs. 100 billion scheme while Shahbaz Sharif’s son Hamza Shahbaz is ruling Punjab, he added.

Imran Khan regretted that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took his brother with him during his foreign tours but never cared to ask for Pervez Khattak, CM KP. Khan further said that PTI led province has much potential of low-cost power generation, but the federal government is encouraging investors to invest in coal-fired projects in Punjab.

Imran khan slammed government’s policies and failure of resolving massive power outages. He also denounced lavish spending on Nawaz’s foreign tours and daily expenses of the Prime Minister House. PTI Chief alleged that Rs. 31,350,00 were being spent on PM house daily. Khan questioned the use of so many foreign tours and there was no increase in foreign investment during last one year. Khan further alleged that Rs. 400 million were being spend on Raiwind Palace’s security every year. He claimed that federal government had received $40 billion from local and foreign monetary bodies.

Imran Khan alleged federal government of using funds of small provinces in Punjab and Lahore only. This move will create hatred for Punjab among people of small provinces, Khan maintained. PTI Leader and MNA Assad Omar, criticizing PML-N government’s budget 2014-15, termed Finance Minister’s claims about economic growth in the country as farce. Omar said that International Monetary Fund had rejected incumbent government’s statistics (4.1% GDP) and had declared 3.3 GDP growth in Pakistan, much less than Peoples Party led government’s 3.8% growth rate in recent past.

Assad Omar, PTI’s financial expert, lauded PPP rule who performed far better than PML-N despite inhering deteriorated economy. He told the media that country seen lowest foreign investment during last year in past 50 years. Referring to late 60s political scenario in Pakistan, Omar said that 22 families were ruling Pakistan in 1960s which created hatred among provinces and the country suffered loss of East Pakistan breaking away from the federation. He lamented Sharif family’s politics of preferring Punjab over rest of the country. PTI leader also criticized Nawaz Sharif of appointing Ad-Hoc heads of public bodies like PEMRA, NEPRA and SECP.

Assad Omar denounced PM Nawaz Sharif’s engagements during recent visit to India. Omar said PM Nawaz took his business magnate son Hussain Nawaz along and refused to meet with Kashmiri Hurryat leaders in New Delhi. The government has offered Indian investors to establish their business in Pakistan at 20% tax rate while the local investors are forced to pay 33% tax.

Assad Omar asked the federal government to clear rumors about Hussain Nawaz’s shares in recently launched project in Karachi at the land acquired by Pakistan Steel Mill (PSM). Omar alleged that the government ignored Supreme Court’s clear orders for not leasing out PSM land to any company and allocated 200 Acres f PSM land for the said project.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan put following demands for PML-N government;

1. The government should adopt strict austerity measures and should set up and example from top to bottom.

2. General sales tax should be gradually reduced from 17 to 10 percent in next 4 years.

3. NADRA has details of 3.3 million tax-able people in country and the government should take serious measures to bring these people into tax-net.

4. Pension should be fixed at minimum wages to benefit pensioners.

5. Strict action should be taken to reduce gas pilferage and recent rise in gas prices should be withdrawn to relieve masses.

6. Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar had announced to bring $ 200 billion of Pakistan’s corrupt elite deposited in Swiss Banks. Now the time has come for government to fulfill its promise and bring that money back within 3 years.

7. Small provinces should be given their due share in PSDP to carry out development projects.

8. Independent statistic bureaus should be hired for audit of growth rate so the nation should come to know the actual figures.