MARDAN - Awami National Party (ANP) is taking lead against other political parties to form the district government in Mardan and also in its three tehsils - Takhatbhai, Katlang and Mardan.

According to the unofficial results, among 71 district council seats, PTI and ANP have bagged 21 seats each, independent candidates have won 16 seats, JUI-F gained 6 seats, PPP obtained 4, JI 2 and PML-N 1 seat.

However, the results of 4 union councils have been withheld for unknown reasons. The ANP and PTI, according to the Election Commission formula, would get one each kisan, minority and youth reserve seat as well. The ANP, PPP and JUI-F are allied before the local bodies polls in the province.

In 71 seats of district council, ANP has won 21 seats, JUI-F 6 and PPP 4 seats which become 31 seats in the district assembly while to form government in the district majority of 37 candidates are needed while PTI won 21 seats while 16 independent candidates have won election.

However, ANP and its allied parties claimed that majority of the independent candidates have join them. However, presently four parties alliance has stopped the way of PTI to form government in the district. According to the unofficial results of tehsil Mardan, among total 45 seats, PTI won 15 seats while ANP and JUI-F won 7 seats each, JI won seats, PPP 4 seats while independent candidates won 8 seats.

However, in tehsil Mardan four-party alliance is in the position to form government. In tehsil Takhtbhai among 17 seats PTI won 3 seats while JI 3, ANP won 2 seats and JUI-F 4 seats and PPP 1 seat, 4 independent candidates also succeeded in tehsil Takhatbhai.

According to the figures, the four-party alliance is in a position to form government in Takhatbhai. In tehsil Katlang among 12 seats PTI won one seat, while ANP won 5 seats, JUI-F won 3 seats, JI won 1, PPP won 1 seat while independent candidates also won 1 seat in Katlang tehsil. According to the figures in tehsil Katlang, the four parties alliance can easily form government.

The alliance includes ANP, PPP, JUI-F and JI has hasn't disclosed the formula through which they would form the government. However, sources said that ANP would form government in Mardan district while JUI-F would form government in Mardan tehsil and JI would form government in Katlang and Takhatbhai tehsil.

The sources in ANP told that Himyatullah Mayar, district president of the party, will be the expected candidate of district nazim, however, on the other side a case has been registered against Himayatullah Mayar in the Hoti police station for creating law and order situation in the polling station at Mayar union council.

The sources added that Himayat was also elected as member of district council on reserved seat. He remained district nazim in Musharraf government when MMA was in power in the province.