ISLAMABAD  -   One of the 11 air routes between Pakistan and India has been opened on Thursday, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said in its statement.

According to CAA spokesperson Nawaz Sapra, the aerial route at Taum was opened by Pakistan in March, after tense situation on borders, and Indian opened the route on June 2.

“Pakistan opened a route for west-bound flights around 5pm on Thursday. The impact of this announcement is yet to be assessed,” said a senior official of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

The route that has been opened passes from near Mumbai and enters southern Pakistan. This is only one of the 11 exit and entry points between India and Pakistan, according to the official.

Since the ban by Pakistan on the use of its airspace, several flights within Asia, between Asia and West Asia or Europe or the US were forced to take a longer route, entailing an increase in flight duration and sometimes a halt for refuelling. This led to an increase in operational costs, forcing many airlines to cancel flights or hike fares.