ISLAMABAD         -           Pakistani People’s Party senior leader Senator Rehman Malik yes­terday served a Rs 500 million def­amation notice to US Citizen Cyn­thia D. Ritchie over “false, frivolous and baseless allegation” of rape against him through his lawyer Chaudhry Abdur Rehman Bajwa.

Senator Malik, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and former Interior Minister, has strongly rejected all allegations against him and has termed those a pack of lies to damage his nation­al and international reputation.

He said that he was fighting for the honour and respect of his leader Benazir Bhutto who sacri­ficed her life for the nation and he can face such kinds of hundreds of false and fabricated allegations in this fight.

The PPP leader said that he had been continuously receiving life threats and arrest for his vo­cal statements against the gov­ernment but the opponents must know that he is never afraid of jails as he has already seen even the death cells. He said: “When my opponents found nothing against me they began my character as­sassination”.

Senator Malik said that “my con­science is clear and on time, he will be exposing the conspirators behind Benazir Bhutto and his character assassination and will show them the mirror.”

He said that he had no personal enmity with the friendly country US national namely Cynthia Dawn Ritchie and he respects all wom­en that is why he shall not use any counter remarks against her. He said that however time will tell whether she projected the soft im­age of Pakistan or not.

The legal notice said that “my client is a renowned politician. He is a thorough gentleman and a re­spectable citizen of Pakistan. He enjoys international fame and has been working in national interest at many top assignments. He also served Interior Minister of Paki­stan. Presently, he is the Chairman of Senate Standing Committee for Interior,”

It added: “That my client vividly remembers that you approached my client in his office in Minis­try of Interior, in the company of daughter of Mr. Azam Khan Swa­ti, the then Minister with a request for extension of your Visa which was earlier issued to you by Paki­stan Embassy in the US.”

“That your request was forward­ed in routine by my client to the then Secretary Ministry of Inte­rior, who after completion of all the codal and procedural formali­ties extended your Visa,” it said. It says: “That barring the above, any other meeting regarding your visa with my client is out of question.”

The notice said “it was recent­ly noticed by my client that all of a sudden you emerged on the social media scene and began a smearing campaign against late Ms. Behazir Bhutto, Ex-Prime Minister of Pa­kistan as well as Pakistan Peoples Party, in the last few days while is­suing and posting some untrue, concocted, objectionable, derog­atory, immoral, indecent and de­famatory content and remarks on Whatsapp, Youtube and Twitter etc.”

It said: “My client soon discov­ered that the above video mes­sage (accusing Senator Malik of rose) was made viral by you on so­cial media, print media and tele­vised electronically at the nation­al and international level.”

Therefore, it says, “my client is constrained to demand from you as token damages, an amount of Rupees Five Hundred Million in addition to prompt withdraw­al of the above said allegation in the same manner in which it was released and posted on social, print and electronic media, with­in fifteen days of receipt of this le­gal notice besides an unqualified apology from you in this regard.”

The notice said in case of non-adherence, “my client will resort to civil and criminal pro­ceedings against you through the courts of competent jurisdiction and in that eventuality you would be solely responsible for all costs and consequences including dam­ages to the tune of Rupees Five Bil­lion which my client may demand by way of damages from the rele­vant forum of law.”