ISLAMABAD - Visiting Interpol Secretary General Ronald K Noble has said that links of seven different countries are found in the Mumbai terrorists' attacks. "Interpol and Pakistan are cooperating with each other to investigate into the Mumbai terrorist attacks, links of the seven different countries are found during the investigation. We are trying to help expose the terrorists wherever they are hiding," said Ronald K Noble while exclusively talking to The Nation/Waqt TV. During his three-day stay in Islamabad Ronald met Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani, Advisor to PM on Interior Rehman Malik and the DG Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Tariq Khosa. Ronald who himself remained top US law enforcer at various positions including Chief of Staff of the Criminal Division, United States Department of Justice said that Pakistan was cooperating with the Interpol firmly. Smiling Ronald K Noble showed his confidence in the investigations of Mumbai attacks being carried out by the Pakistani Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). When asked whether Pakistan had sought the handing over of Ajmal Kasab the only alive actor of the brutal attacks at Mumbai currently under Indian custody, Noble did not reply saying, "This is the most difficult question to answer." Noble added that Pakistan was providing the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) to the Interpol, which would be checked by the global data of the 187 countries maintained by the Interpol. He said that Pakistan understood that unless terrorists-related information was compared against Interpol's global database and shared among its global network , an international terrorist investigation can never be considered complete and all countries which are not provided with this vital information remain at risk.