According to Sources of National Assembly, the Parliamentary delegation comprised on members Parliament of FATA did not go to the United States on an official visit. Sources of Assembly told that the visit of FATA members was arranged by US Aid and US embassy and they could tell better about matters related to screening. Meanwhile, sources of the United States said that the routine checking of these members was carried out and the process of screening was not carried out. The NA members of FATA have decided to raise the issue in the next session of the National Assembly. The FATA members Parliament while talking to media after their arrival said that they gone to the United States on the visit of US State Department but they cancelled their visit in protest as they were asked for screening. Senator Abbas Afridi who led the delegation told that the visit started from February 28 and they spent 6 days in Washington and held important meetings with high US officials. He said that they were asked for screening when they left Washington to another state, adding they were assured that screening would not be carried out.