This has reference to Qasim Iqbal Khan Saheb’s letter. I will be very surprised if Imran Khan tries to bargain on Kalabagh dam. Actually Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif are very wary of the backlash that will certainly come from Sindh. We should not underestimate the harm done by Benazir Bhutto when she scared the people that Sindh will become a desert if Kalabagh dam is built. It is the height of ignorance to think that Mangla and Tarbela dams can sustain the industry and agriculture of Pakistan forever. The two dams are silting up progressively and unless a replacement dam is built at the earliest, Benazir’s warning will come true, not only for Sindh but for the whole of Pakistan. It is a failure of the print and electronic media, with a few notable exceptions, that the public is so ignorant about dams, why they are so necessary and what will happen if they are not built. 10 years hence India will stop all our water and we will have no reservoirs to talk of.


Lahore, January 1.