In a country where people think lowering one’s gaze means looking at a woman’s body rather than her face while making a conversation with her, a new law to protect women from violence and harassment has caused deep worries. Here’s the complete coverage.

Part 1: To protect and to serve – pros and cons of the law:

- “Online harassment is a serious problem. I am glad that we have laws against it. But the most important question is, will my fake female profile on Facebook also be protected under this law?” – Lateef Lighter (executive chairman of human resource infrastructure development at private wireless engagement company)

- “According to the new law, a court may enforce restraining orders by ordering men to wear a wrist monitor with a GPS tracker. I have several concerns regarding this provision. Will it be running an android operating system? Will it be WiFi enabled? If yes, will there be any games on it? I play this android game in which I have to go and make an attack on the enemy’s army every 30 minutes. As long as I am allowed to do that, I am happy to abide by any restrictions ordered by our honorable courts.” – Naughty Nadeem (human resource manager and video game enthusiast)

- “This law is good for women but it may not be very good for children. I have a feeling that men will now take out their anger on children. Can children obtain a restraining order against their fathers? Can a court order my father to pay me my pocket money on time?” –– Bahadur Khan (extortion collector and part-time mobile-phone repairman)

- “Good for me there is still no law to protect women form sexist jokes.” –Daniyal Dynamite (comedian and part-time policeman)

- “I am ready to finically support my wife if the court tells me to. But I will not bring her groceries. I am glad there is a law now that stops me from going near my house now. I will have a legal excuse for staying out late and not bringing groceries.” – Kashif Kainchi (government officer and part-time newspaper editor)

- “I have no problem with giving women a false sense of security in their homes. But that does not mean they should start demanding equal rights and freedom.” – Billu Bulldozer (amateur wrestler and fake lawyer)

- “I will gladly pay a sum of money to my wife every month under a financial order from the court. I have no problem with this new law, if the court promises to first find me a job.” – Tidda Tandoori (freelance photographer)

- “Wait… what if I am harassed by the male officers who will be assigned to protect me against harassment?” – Sameena Sciencedaan (housewife)

- “I like the law and I really want them to protect women by implementing it. But I hate then they start to lecture. Can we please cut down on awareness programs and conferences? If these academics and activists don’t stop lecturing me about who I am, I will seek a restraining order against them for psychological torture.” – Shabnam Shirarty (housewife and dry cleaner)

- “Will it be possible to just get a general restraining order so that all men stay away from me at all times, completely and without exception? Please?” – Feminist Farhana (freelance journalist)

Part II: How to protect men – interview with a legal expert:

This scribe: What is the best thing about this law?

Legal expert: The language of the law. The words. It provides women an opportunity to express their deepest feelings towards abusive men with carefully crafted language that does not even use the F word.

This scribe: What is the worst thing about this law?

Legal expert: Data suggests that it would be a better idea if it is men who are locked up in their homes. The restraining orders should stop them from going out. That way we can protect women, animals, and non-living things alike.

This scribe: But what about the protection of men?

Legal expert: We have an entire set of anti-terrorism laws for that.

This scribe: Is it fair to remove a man from his own house?

Legal expert: Is it fair to threaten a woman in her own house?

This scribe: I mean law-abiding men fear an abuse of the regulation and are concerned they may be targeted unfairly.

Legal expert: Yes that is correct. But this is not the only law in which that will happen.

This scribe: Can you name us any other law that is abused in a way that law-abiding men are unfairly targeted?

Legal expert: Yes. Every single law in the country.