The epoch of social media has brought the masses close, that now everything sounds to be at stone’s throw. Before the inundated exposure to social media, it was believed that PPP has been wraped & restricted only to Sindh. But having seen the valourious Jiyalas & jiyalis of Punjab, Kpk & Balochistan, I am appalled at witnessing all this zeal & enthusiasm for the legacy of martyrs of such jiyalas. It has always been cerebrated by the intellectuals that come what may, jiyalas will ever be jiyalas notwithstanding with political victimization, no one could undermine the courage, political mania, & love of jiyalas for PPP. The jiyalas that I happend to interact, embodies, Saima Kazmi, Zahida Ansari, Alishba Bukhari, Dr Asma, Sariya Rana, Shahzad Shafi, Abrar Ali Tanvir etc. It is really great to observe such extent of love irrespective of the difference of nation. With the advent & activities of Jiyalas in Punjab, PPP can have bright chance to get envigorated again in a full swing. This enthuisism may result in the truimph of PPP in Punjab & these jiyalas & their ceaseless fervour can stand PPP stern in the federal & can make Punjab the inpregnable fort for PPP again. This was the political fervour which workers gravely lacked for a decade, but now this gap seems to be bridged & the political void may be filled up which will be better for the consolidation of democracy & for the well being of the people of Pakistan as well.

Today, when it comes to criticise the mainstreaming political parties, their followers start bashing, lambasting & abusing you. Which also entails character assassination. But when you do this with jiyalas, they respond equally & confound by the arguments rather than lay a hand on oneself & his family.

This is the reason why Pakistan’s liberal & political intellectuals have their orianetation, propensity & compassion with PPP yet today & has emerged as more envigorated. Moreover, Jiyalas also sound to be activated & charged head over heels. Marking such states of affairs, it can be surmised & implied that PPP is likely to emerge & rule again with all its being.


Mirpurkhas, February 28.