The Suez crisis is often

portrayed as Britain’s last fling of the imperial dice.

–Derek Brown

Hegemony exists in the international plane, perpetuating it’s effects throughout the entire world systems. One such event that had crystallised the rise of a new world leader - a hegemon, namely the United States was the Suez Canal crisis of 1957. It was the defacto event, which lead to the rise of the new order of the United States, replacing that of the decaying United Kingdom at the time. After the end of Colonialism, the United Kingdom focused on a lot with keeping up with it’s power and influenced abroad. The aggressive action that the UK took at the time was to intervene in Egypt. The US counteracted and told the United Kingdom to withdraw, signalling that it was in charge of world politics. Fast forward to 2018, we see the tide is again changing. With the United States becoming more right with the rise of Trump, leafing contemporary figures now argue that Germany with Merkel’s moral leadership is now the leader of the Free world. The question that holds is, are we seeing another transference of power?