Last day, I was waiting for my friend in a café. A group of friends was sitting beside me and they were having discussion about their class fellows. The common thing people love to do in their free time because gossiping makes us happy as discussion of 'ideas' makes us bore.

One of the friends asked, Do know “A”? (tumhe "A" ka pata hai?)

The other one replied, "Yeah, I know her she is a very civilized girl. I respect her from the core of my heart. She doesn't talk much and stays reserved. I like her attire very much." (yaar haan mujhe pata hai, wo bht Muhazib larki hai. main dil se uski izzat karta hoon, woh kabhi bilawaja nahin bolti aur uska huliya toh mujhe bohat pasand hai.)

The first one nodded his head and said, “Yeah she is good, she doesn’t even reply to messages and I do not ever think that she would respond to a phone call either.” (Haan yaar wo achi hai. Messages ka hi reply nahin karti, call ka toh tassavur bhi nahin kar sakta ke wo baat kare gi.)

Then, they started discussing another girl, with a mischievous smile one of them said, “Guys that 'piece' of our class was very fit.” (Yaar class ka woh 'piece' bohat zabardast tha.)

The other one added, "Yeah, buddy she had friendship with all the boys of class and I am sure she must be a source of temptation in her office as well, her dressing is enough to entice people and make them cheerful." (Han yaar us ki toh class ke sab larkon se hi dosti thi aur abhi bhi office mai sab ka dil behla rahi ho gi aur baat na bhi kare us ke kapre hi dil khush kar dete hain.)

They had coffee while discussing the girls of their class. From their affairs, dressing, way of talking and laughing and much more. After ranking girls on their scale of civilized to bold one, they left. But their conversation trapped me in a vicious circle of thoughts. A thought came across my head what my class fellows thought about me? Where do they rank me? On top of all, who has made this scale of "Muhazib larki to bold larki"?

Anyways, I am mature enough to ignore the first two questions that popped in my head but the last question compelled me to write about it.

Through our discussions we make narratives to view the social phenomena’s. These men would definitely interact with other people and the latter interact with others. They must have families and then they dictate their daughters, sisters or mothers to dress according to their definition of what is civilized and what's not.

The question is, who made them think in such a pattern? They must have had developed such concepts by socializing. The world is moving at a faster rate and our generation is stuck in labelling and ranking girls against such scales.

On this woman day, I just want to urge the men of our society instead of posting and wishing your colleagues and fellows, “Happy Women's Day”. Learn to respect them and on this women's day if you people pledge to stop ranking girls against scale of Muhazib to bold, it would be a great favor to them.

And girls, never stop yourself from being expressive. Be real to yourself. Wear what you want and do whatever makes you happy. It’s true we have to fight with the external barriers but I would say don’t build internal barriers to be acceptable to the surroundings. And if possible do read Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg. You will learn how to break the shackles of external as well as internal barriers.