ISLAMABAD        -             Hyundai has revealed a lavish new concept car called the ‘Prophecy’ which it says was inspired by the aesthetics of a ‘perfectly weathered stone’ and is controlled by joysticks opposed to a traditional steering wheel. The Korean automobile manufacturer has revealed its luxury all-electric vehicle after its initial unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show was scuppered when the entire event was cancelled over coronavirus fears. The curvy exterior shell of the car, it is claimed, has an ‘iconic silhouette of perfect proportions’ that blurs the distinction between metal and glass. Inside the car is a colour scheme ‘inspired by nature’ and the joysticks which, Hyundai claims, offers the driver ‘more visual freedom’. Hyundai confirmed that this is a preview model, and while no prices, release date or markets are confirmed, it estimates a release time-frame in the next couple of years.