ISLAMABAD            -          At the time when federal government is pursuing austerity drive under the strict directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) like previous years is going to spend Rs7.5 million on the beautification and landscaping of Shakarparian Parade Ground.

In the past, the joint military parade of Armed Forces on Pakistan Day was held at the parade ground of D-Chowk, in front of the Parliament House, but the practice was discontinued in 2009 due to security reasons.

Later on, the venue of Pakistan Day parade was changed, when it was decided by national leadership to resume the parade after a gap of seven years in 2015. Since then, a new site situated on Islamabad Express Highway between Faizabad Interchange and I-8 interchange is being used to hold a joint military parade.

Like previous years, a tender in this regard was again flouted by the parks directorate of MCI in February 2020 with an estimated cost of Rs9.1 million. A total of 16 interested parties contacted the authority, however, only 10 participated in the process. The M/s Rahat Nursery Farm was the lowest bidder, who went 17.55 percent below of the original cost and tender was awarded against Rs7.5 million.

However, when contacted, the Director Environment MCI Irfan Niazi told the tender cost this year is quite low as compared to previous years as they are going to use artificial grass, stands and other things from store, which were purchased in previous years.

He informed that a certain cost is to be spent every year which is basically for purchasing flowerpots and plants as those cannot be preserved for whole year.