KARACHI          -             Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Senator Siraj-ul-Haq has urged the government to ensure provision of women’s rights as per the Islamic teachings.

Addressing ‘Khawateen Conference’ at Bagh-e-Jinnah, organised by JI Women Wing on Saturday to mark International Women’s Day, he said women’s rights to education, health and employment should be guaranteed.

He appealed to the concerned authorities to bar those males from running for public offices who denied female members of their families their share in the ancestral property.

He demanded the insertion of Qasas (retribution) clause in the Zainab Alert Bill besides capital punishment for those abducting females and raping them.

Siraj also demanded that contract system in the factories be abolished, and that services of working women be regularized.

He asked the government to set up women universities and for their physical growth, arrange sporting events within the four walls.

He also advised government to eliminate curse of dowry and throttle marriages in the name of holy Quran. JI Ameer said women should be given interest-free loans and safe transport system should be provided to them.

Siraj underscored the fact that no religion in the world had given as many rights to women as Islam have guaranteed to them.

“We all should work for the creation of such an environment wherein men and women could live in tranquility, and practice their religions freely,” he demanded.

He reminded that it is Islam which has saved women from being buried alive, as was the case in Arabia before the birth of holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and has given them respect and protection.

“In our society, a father, a son and a husband is always with a woman, but same is not the case in West, where a woman has lost all these relations and is alone,” the JI chief remarked.

Siraj further said that women living in Indian occupied Kashmir and Palestine should not be forgotten at this juncture since they were braving atrocities.

JI (women wing) Secretary General, Durdana Siddiqui, in her address, said that our safety lies in Islam which in turn will save us from western influences.

She said that today a woman is entangled in different challenges since she has preferred to stay away from Islamic teachings.

JI Karachi Nazima, Asma Safeer invited participating women to come forward and work for the welfare of women under the JI’s umbrella.

Humaira Tariq and Anila Ali also spoke to the gathering and stressed the need for bringing changes in the education syllabuses.

The speakers also announced Charter of Women Rights on the occasion.

Under the charter, social and economic rights were demanded for the women while suggestion was given that the practice of using women as publicity tools in advertisements should be avoided.