TARBELA GHAZI - District Police Officer Haripur, Muhammad Ali Khan Gandapur said that crimes are a reality in a society and the police efforts to eliminate them and maintain a peaceful environment for people is a great duty.

He said he always tried to maintain law and order situation under control and eliminate the all kinds of major and minor crimes from the area of his jurisdiction with the cooperation of general public and media. He said this during a special interview with daily TheNation on the completion of his second year as DPO Haripur.

Muhammad Ali Khan Ganda pur took over the charge of Haripur as District Police Officer on October 5, 2010 and gained a good name and reputation among the masses for his honesty, hardworking and dutifulness for elimination of crime from the region and maintenance of a peaceful environment in the district during his undergoing tenure of two years.

During the interview District Police Officer Haripur believed that cooperation of general public and media as well is vital for elimination of the crimes from the society but that cooperation was only possible when law enforcement agencies may succeed to gain the confidence of the the public. He said that behavior and character of the officials and officers of the law enforcement agencies matter very much to gain the confidence of the masses.

Gandapur said that he always directed to his subordinate staff to improve their behavior with the masses, to pay the respect to the law binding and gentlemen with their good attitude but to deal with the criminals with iron hands.

He said that he and his team will be ever ready to take any step which can help to resolve the public issues, to help maintain a peaceful environment and to eliminate crimes from the society. DPO also urged the general masses and media to extend their full cooperation with police and other law enforcement agencies to make the region a peaceful and free of crime area as the police or any other law enforcement agencies can never overcome the crimes 100 per cent with out cooperation of general public.

Gandapur said that from the day first after his arrival as DPO it remained his mission and top priority to maintain law and order in control and curtail the crime ratio from the all areas of the district and in that regard he had taken various difficult decisions and took various measures which gave a positive results.