India once again repeats the history of maintaining false peace promises that it cannot fulfil. Recently, New Delhi’s first accepts and then rejects Pakistan’s request for a meeting of the foreign ministers of the two countries on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly at New York. This meeting was proposed by the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan, which may have set the precedent of further engagement between the two states, however India’s arrogant conduct remains a hurdle in initiating any peaceful dialogue process. A week before the meeting, New Delhi turned down the offer it accepted earlier, a show of its arrogant behaviour and its resistance to initiate or engage in any dialogue with Pakistan. The policies of Indian government to withdraw from dialogue portray their façade of democratic norms, beneath which is a regime that promotes violence in Kashmir, endorses aggression and subjugates rights of its minorities.

Pakistan’s move towards engaging into dialogues was praised internationally as a sign of bilateral renewal of dialogue between Pakistan and India. At the same time, Indian leadership was held responsible for not responding Islamabad’s offer positively. This is not the only event where India remained reluctant to show its willingness for peaceful talks, rather it’s their permanent policy. Indian anti-SAARC campaign also sheds light on Indian intentions to divide the region by targeting the regional inter-governmental organisation. Experts believe that Modi turned down the offer due to the upcoming elections. In India, anti-Pakistan slogans are one of the key features to won elections and Modi won the previous elections by promoting the same sentiments. While engaging in meetings with Pakistani officials, the regime cannot fulfil its mantra against Pakistan, a pre-requisite for winning Indian elections.

However, Pakistan delegation to the United Nations General Assembly and Foreign Minister speech was a success story. In his speech, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi highlighted all the important aspects including the Kashmir issue, especially focusing on its humanitarian aspects. Thus, Pakistan utilised this international forum not only to epitomise its efforts for sustaining peace in the region, but also revealed Indian unlawful atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir and calling off the peaceful negotiations that Pakistan offered.

International community must realise Pakistan’s efforts for resumption of dialogue to peacefully resolve all outstanding issues, including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, to bridge differences and achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. The concerns regarding Kashmir freedom, Indian illegal occupation over Kashmir and right of self-determination has been raised by Pakistan at many international forums. Also at many forums, Pakistan proposed peaceful settlement and dialogues to resolve the Kashmir issue peacefully and to craft measures for economic stability within the region; however, response of the international community never guaranteed any optimism. On the other hand, Indian unwillingness for any peaceful dialogue on Pakistan-Indian relations is also visible. Despite many attempts by Pakistan to seek peaceful resolution to the outstanding issues, India continues its illegal occupation over Kashmir, defying the international norms and remains fixated to its bigotry policies.


The writer is a Assistant Research Officer (ARO) at Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI).