Islamabad - A book titled ‘People’s Movements in Pakistan’, written by Aslam Khwaja, was launched at an event at Ramada Hotel here on Thursday. The book launch, organised by AWAAZ Voice and Accountability program, was hosted by renowned poet and essayist Harris Khalique. The speakers on the occasion included Marvi Sirmed a human rights activist and columnist, Zafarullah Khan Director Institute of Parliamentary Services, Naeem Mirza director of Aurat foundation and Mazhar Arif a veteran activist of leftist movement.

The book, divided into eight chapters, identifies several important movements in Sindh and Balochistan including Civil Disobedience against Zia during 1981 and 1988, Trade Union Movement, Peasants Movements and Women’s movements for equality and rights.  

The author, Aslam Khwaja, who joined left politics during General Zia’s regime and served in the students’ wing of Communist Party of Pakistan during the Martial law period, has written about the movements the way he witnessed them. The author now conducts research on social issues.

Praising the book, Marvi Sirmed said that it throws light on the struggles of ordinary people for democracy and freedom in Pakistan.  Speaking about the chapter on women’s movements, she added that these political movements should also be included in history textbooks. Students need to have an understanding of how ordinary people have contributed towards the fight for rights and justice.