KARACHI - Milli Yakjehti Council (MYC) central leader Maulana Mohammad Amin Shaheedi announced on Wednesday that the party would observe Youm-ul-Quds on the 28th of Ramazan by taking out rallies across the country to raise voice against the illegitimate occupation of Zionists over Palestine.

To a query of The Nation, Shaheedi, who is also the deputy general secretary of the Majlis-e-Wehdat Muslimeen (MWM), said the MYC – a coalition of 40 religious groups – had decided to observe the last Friday of the holy month as Youm-ul-Quds to condemn the Zionist hostilities against the Palestinians and to raise voice for the freedom of Al-Aqsa Mosque from its occupation. In its recent meeting, added Shaheedi, the MYC also decided to celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan on 27th of Ramazan with national zeal and enthusiasm.

The MYC leader meanwhile demanded the government to raise the Palestine issue in the upcoming summits of the OIC and the United Nations, asserting that Palestine was an integral part of the Muslim Ummah. “The Pakistani nation would continue supporting the oppressed Palestinians,” he vowed, saying, “It is the moral and religious obligation of every Muslim to support the Palestinians.”

Shaheedi, however, alleged that the US, Israel and India were conspiring to destabilise Pakistan because its being the only Muslim atomic power. He also equated the defence of Palestine with the sovereignty of Pakistan.

To a question about the revival of the Milli Yakjehti Council, he dispelled that it was a political or an electoral alliance, saying, “It is an ideological platform that would safeguard the national interests and would guide the people in religious matters through a consensus approach.”

The MYC leader also condemned the reopening of supply routes for the Nato forces stationed in Afghanistan, saying the decision directly dragged Pakistani into the Afghan war.

Referring to the upcoming summit of the OIC in Makkah, he exhorted all its Muslim member states to evolve concrete measures to protect the Muslims of Myanmar from the Buddhist brutalities. He, however, observed that the OIC had failed to resolve the problems of the Ummah.

Extending support to Assad’s regime in Syria, the MYC leader said that Syria was the only Arab state that had resisted the Zionist atrocities. “Syria has always represented the sentiments of the Arabs.”

He also said that some Arab countries were doing exactly what the US wanted; they wanted to appease the US at all costs and were involved in the insurgency and unrest in Syria.

Police arrest 32 accused in past 24 hours: Karachi police in their ongoing drive against criminals, arrested 32 accused during the past 24 hours.

A police statement on Wednesday said that those arrested included seven absconders.

It said that there were three encounters with the police and an equal number of gangs of alleged criminals were busted during the period.

In all, 19 pistols, one revolver and a car recovered from the possession of the accused, the police statement said.